Tips and Tricks to get Your Bar on the Social Map


Gaining exposure for your bar in the Phoenix area is difficult without an all-around strong social media game.  The city has a vibrant, young population, a generation raised on hashtags and location check-ins, so in order to attract the right crowd; you have to understand how to play game.

A comprehensive social media presence is an ideal way for bars looking to connect with people sooner rather than later. Also, the fact that bars are naturally social environments that attract social people puts them in a great position to benefit from the advantages offered through these channels.

If your promotions aren’t as successful as you’d expected, it’s most likely because you are doing the same thing as everybody else, and you are not measuring your results. It will take a lot of research on your part to get going; here are a few tips to help you get more results from your social media efforts.

Find Your Niche

In-An-Online-World-Of-Niches-Whats-YoursIf a tree advertises in a forest and no one is there to hear him, will anyone show up to his promotional happy hour?  Highly unlikely.  Knowing where your customers engage socially online will help you to come up with a plan to reach them.  Do you know which social media sites your customers and potential customers use the most? Knowing that information will help you come up with the best plan. You don’t want to waste time on Facebook if your customers use Instagram. To find your customers’ niche, research what is popular around your area, and test different strategies. Do a promotion with the same special on different platforms, and see which one gets you the best response.

Measuring metrics such as open rates and click rates can also assist bars in cultivating engagement by indicating which posts and messages resonated most with the audience. When you know what your customers respond to best, you can tailor future communications accordingly to increase your rate of engagement.

Branch Out

using-twitter-chat-for-better-businessPlatforms like Facebook and Twitter are immediate communication channels that allow you to share information and are great ways to engage your audience.  However, the days of promoting your business only through Facebook and Twitter alone are over. In order to stand out, you need to know what’s trending and take advantage of it. Bars should be working with Instagram (photos), Vine (short videos) and Snapchat (deals). Also photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket are often overlooked when it can do wonders for your visibility and in terms of search engine optimization. Many people often google nightlife venues and search through the ‘images’ section.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether users regram your Instagram photos, re-pin items on your Pinterest board, retweet something from your Twitter account or share one of your Facebook posts ; the important thing is that they’re engaging with your content somewhere and are getting your message out there.

Coordinate Your Efforts

stationery_overdose_bar_polski_2Whatever content is created should have a direct tie to the brand of your business and its values. At the end of the day it’s a direct representation of the venue. Make sure to have the same message across all your social media pages. Keep the same designs and information, so you don’t confuse customers.

These actions across social media should all link back to your website and help drive more engagement and traffic.

Getting Happy Hour Right

Most bars tend to be judged by how creative their Happy Hour specials are, so this is something important to consider along with your social media marketing plan.  To run a successful Happy Hour promotion and accomplish your goals, you need to have a localized  digital marketing plan for phoenix so be sure to ask the following:

  • happyhourWhat phoenix customer segment do you want to target for your Happy Hour?
  • Is your Happy Hour happening in times that make sense for this target customer?
  • How do you increase profitability by having strategic Happy Hour offers and times?
  • How do you effectively market your Happy Hour to your target customer?
  • Are you competing with any other Happy Hour offers from other local bars or restaurants?

Maintain Engagement:

social-proofSocial media is a great way to get feedback about your bar, and the more you put yourself out there, the more people will want to interact with you. When you get positive feedback on certain events or drinks, you can use it as a guide to what you should have available more often in your bar. If you get negative feedback, don’t react in a harsh way. Use it to fix what your customers aren’t really enjoying and they’ll often appreciate the fact that you were so responsive.  Here are a few more tips to help with building interest online:

  • Humanize your bar by posting photos and bios of your employees. This works especially well when showcasing patrons’ favorite bartenders.
  • Spread the word about any awards you won, reviews you got or articles in which you were featured.
  • Send out exclusive email promotions or post secret codes on your social platforms that customers can present at the door for reduced admission or at the bar for free drinks.
  • Monitor the comments and other feedback you receive on social media, and then enter into conversations with the people who shared their thoughts.
  • Share intriguing or funny content that may not have much to do with your brand but will be of interest with the people who follow you.
  • Track everything, that way you can calculate the ROI. Keep track of all the responses you get so you can compare and improve for the next promotion.

These strategies will attract a targeted and localized customer segment into your bar and increase your influence, reputation, and relationship within the phoenix area. Creating a strong social media presence for a nightlife venue isn’t as easy as flipping a switch, but by dedicating time, resources, and the same level of attention as other areas of the business, the return on investment could be immense.



5 Secrets to Develop a Powerful Marketing Campaign for a Bar/Nightclub


As a nightclub owner in the Phoenix, AZ area, you are going to realize that you are in a very competitive segment of the industry. You will need to step it up on the marketing end to ensure that prospective clients do not go to your rivals. The offline marketing front has plenty of potential, but it still needs a lot of creativity. You need to host events, give away gifts and offer top-notch entertainment all the time. However, the online end needs to be your strongest line of assault. Chances are that most of those who frequent your place have an online presence, and you need to find them there. Below are 5 secrets to develop a powerful marketing campaign for a bar/nightclub, most of them centering on SEO.

1. Find a Target Audience

Design-your-trade-show-exhibit-for-your-target-audienceMany clubs want to tap into a whole list of possibilities. While this is ambitious and admirable, it does not always work. People who make a habit of attending specific clubs have a notorious tendency of getting attracted to something specific. It could be the music, the theme or the tranquility. You have to decide which way you want to go from the outset. However, this does not have to limit diversity, as you are likely to have a unique crowd every day. You can tailor everything for every day of the week

2. Share Photos

Whenever you host an event, share it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The nightclub scene simply loves photographs. Create tags and let people share. This sharing creates debate and old clients meet new ones, giving you waves upon waves of solidity and exposure. However, it is important to ensure that whatever you share is quality and targeted.

3. Brand all Your Social Media Pages

springcreekgroup12When you are trying to edge out rivals, branding will be a powerful tool, what you represent has to be clear. You cannot afford to have those who visit you confusing your logos and colors with those of a rival. If you feel the branding you go by is too close to those of competitors, add a unique twist to yours. You need to ensure consistency so when clients come to your place of work; it reminds them of your online branding. When they go back online a couple of days later, they will remember you. That is how you generate and keep a following.

4. Pay Attention to What People are Saying

You have to track your online developments. If clients are talking positively about you, work hard to encourage it. If there are negative undercurrents, look into the issues. You could ask those with negative comments to provide ideas on what they want you to do to make things better for them. A move like this makes you endearing to them.

5. Create Online Contests

Facebook-contests-lead-generationYou can base these events on practically everything. A good idea would be to put up images of your club and have audiences point out specific elements. These activities enhance their memory of your business and they will enjoy it. While at it, they will not turn down the offer of reduced prices on drinks.


Top Phoenix Bars and Nightclubs on Yelp

Yelp IPO Puts Consumer-Review Site up for Review

Phoenix is such a great place to have some fun. And when the sun goes down you can count on the vibrant nightlife to take the fun a notch higher. Despite the fact that Tempe and Scottsdale areas are known to take the lion’s share of the thumping dance floors, there are great places where you can get the party rolling at night in Phoenix. If you don’t know the best joints for nightlife, then Yelp will come in handy in helping you spot them. You will get all the details about them as well as get comprehensive reviews from customers who have been there and enjoyed first class hospitality and danced the night away in the state-of-the-art discos coupled with some great DJ mixes and live performances.

To help you in your quest to find the coolest places to hang out at night alone, or in the company of your loved one, here are the top Phoenix nightclubs on Yelp.

Film Bar

23906_487294907967510_1652973067_nThis is a bar that combines entertainment as well as serving one of the finest drinks in town. This marvelous venue showcases rare cult classics, local films, and fresh releases. The cinema can accommodate 70 people per sitting. On the refreshment section, you will be treated to both soft drinks and hard drinks and to top it all up, there is popcorn to keep munching on as you enjoy the movie. There are about 12 types of wines and 12 types of craft beers to choose from.

Side Bar

sidebar_064This place is located in downtown Phoenix. It is a cocktail lounge that features a huge variety of drinks to choose from. There are over 40 types of wines and more than 45 different types of beer offered and handcrafted cocktails. This place has made a name for itself through the employment of top-notch ingredients in making their cocktails, as well as serving drinks of high quality. It is simply exquisite; it has been enhanced by plush seating, exposed bricks, and hardwood floors.

Crescent Ballroom

MG_3021This is the newest kid on the block. It is known for its enticing and tantalizing entertainment. The ballroom is known for hosting top touring acts from around the country while the Crescent Lounge is mainly for those who like to enjoy some free nightly music. It features vaulted ceilings, exposed bricks and hardwood floors which add to its pomp and color and it would be hard to imagine that it was once a warehouse. In addition to all the hype, it’s a great place for mingling with the downtown people.

Bar Smith

621247This is a small but great place to have fun for the night. It features a club, bar, and lounge. It is located a few meters from the Chase Filed, US Airways Center, and other major attractions. The major attractions here include great customer service, diverse crowd and free from huge student crowds witnessed in Scottsdale and Tempe. Additionally, there are swanky couches for relaxing and people-watching when tired of dancing or simply want to catch a breath.

Other top clubs include Gypsy Bar, Palazzo, Sky Lounge and many other which cannot be exhausted here.

The above nightclubs and bars have become very popular owing to their online marketing strategies. Their websites are SEO-optimized; they employ email marketing as well as pay-per click advertising and mobile apps. Therefore you can easily get more detailed information by simply searching them online.